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General Policies

We have all USAG competitive levels Xcel and DP 

Registration to the league is Due 10/1/22 

To register we need: Gymnastics Name, Level, DOB and T-shirt Size 

We will be having new pricing for registration which is $50.00 per athlete. 

Hosting Meets

  • Maximum of 72 athletes per session 
  • New Meet Fee Pricing: $50.00 per athlete payable to the host gym. 
  • Once an athlete is registered there are no refunds. 
  • Replacement athletes are accepted at the discretion of the meet director. 
  • Entries will not be accepted into a meet without payment. 
  • Please do not ask to hold spots. 
  • We go by the first come/ first serve basis. 
  • All entries should be sent 2 weeks prior to the meet. 
  • If the meet is full- It is the responsibility of the meet director to notify the coach and/or gym. 
  • All Results from the meets should be sent to tumbletimeteam@gmail.com within 7 days of competition competition. 
  • Only GYFW registered athletes are allowed to compete in a GYFW competition. 
  • Athletes must compete at the same level for ALL 4 EVENTS.
  • All GYFW Meets are warmup- complete format. 
  • Spectator fees are set at $3.00 for Children and $5.00 for Adults. 
  • The Grand Finale will be $5.00 Children and $7.00 for Adults.
  • New Pricing for Judges: 

Previously $80 per session but we will be changing that to $100 per session. 

Judges who are ranked $33 per hour OR $100 per session (minimum)

  • Please only accept gymnasts into your meet at the level that you can accommodate. 
  • Please send all meet results to Tumbletimeteam@gmail.com within 7 days of the finished competition. 

All Star Division

  • Anyone who scores a 36.00 in any GYFW meet should be entered as an All Star. 
  • We Suggest that there be an All Star Division this year at every meet. 
  • Top 3 on all events & everyone is placed for All Around 

Meet Etiquette 

  • As always, meet etiquette should always be adhered to. 
  • There is a judges inquiry form to be used if you have specific questions concerning an athlete’s performance. 

Optional Rules 

  • The league will follow all USAG Xcel and Developmental rules and regulations. 
  • In the event that you have an injured athlete who cannot compete at the level they have been entered into the league, please send Ellen a note regarding the injury and request a change of level for the athlete. 
  • Sanctioned athletes can compete in this League at the same level as they would in a USAG meet UNTIL they score a 36.0 or above at a USAG Meet. Then they must move to a more advanced level in the GYFW League. 

Age Divisions

4-5 Years Old 

6-8 Years Old 

9-11 Years Old 

12-14 Years Old 

15+ Years Old 

All Star 


  • All gymnasts attending a local meet will receive achievement ribbons. Goody Bags are recommended but not required. All gymnasts attending the Grand Finale Meet will receive individual trophies, team trophies, T-Shirts and goody bags. 

Please send in your meet requests so we can finalize our meet schedule!