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Girls Beginners

Age 6-16
Length: 1 hour long

These classes are for students with little to no gymnastics experience. They will learn basic skills on all four Women’s Olympic events: Floor, Beam, Vault, and Uneven Bars. They will also work on body control and jumping techniques on our 30 foot tumble track. The students spend 20 minutes on 2 rotations and 10 minutes at the end of class for strength, conditioning and flexibility. Some of the benefits that the students will gain in class are: building muscle, agility, self-confidence, flexibility, and self-control. We keep track of each student’s progress on skill cards. The students in this program work on the Level 1 skill card. Once the student learns the skills on the card, they then can move up to the Girls Intermediate Class.


Monday-Saturday $196.00 every 2 months