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Girls Intermediate

Ages 6+
Length: 1.5 hours

These classes are for students with some gymnastics training and who are looking for a challenge. They will learn more challenging skills such as round-offs and walkovers on floor, cartwheels and handstands on a low beam, and other skills that are unique to the events. As the skills become more challenging, more strength, flexibility and body control is needed to perform the skills properly. They also have tested into or need to be recommended by a teacher to enter this class. The students spend 20 minutes on 3 rotations and 10 min at the end of class for strength, conditioning and flexibility. Some of the benefits that the students will gain in class are: building muscle, agility, self-confidence, flexibility, and body-control. We keep track of each student’s progress on skill cards. The students in this program work on the level 2 skill card. Once the student learns the skills on the card, they then can move up to the Girls Level 2 Team, Recreational Team, or our EXCEL Team.

Monday $258.50 every 2 months
Tuesday-Saturday $258.50 every 2 months