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Girls Xcel Team

The Xcel program is an alternative competitive program.  It is designed to provide a safe, fun and rewarding competitive gymnastics experience for gymnasts participating in recreational programs  Many participants in the program enjoy gymnastics along with a variety of other interests, activities and sports throughout the year.

The program offers 5 different levels for a gymnast to advance through (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond) which are similar to the USA Junior Olympic Levels with much more freedom, a wider range of skills with room to grow and progress at their own pace. It does not require the same level of commitment as The Junior Olympic Program. All of the routines are choreographed to each gymnast’s skill level, ability and personality. Routines allow the athlete to train skills, compete, and build confidence and experience. The program teaches athletes how to work together, support one another and what it is like to be part of a team. This program is a great alternative for athletes who got a late start in gymnastics, USA level gymnasts that are burnt out, and/or don’t fit the JO gymnastics mold.

Tumble Time requirements for prep optional team

  • Age 7 & over accepted into program
  • Training is 6 hours a week minimum
  • Must compete in one or more competitions

Tumble Time currently has over 30 gymnasts participating in this program The Numbers have been growing rapidly!  This program has opened the door to the world of gymnastics and  a new way of enjoying the sport and had encouraged more girls to participate.