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Rules of the School

  1. Students will not wear their belt ranks outside of the classroom, unless permitted by the chief instructor.
  2. Students will kneel when tying and untying their belts.
  3. Students must show respect to the school by bowing in and out of the classroom as well as refraining from touching the walls, unless permitted by the chief instructor.
  4. Students must be clean, and finger nails and toe nails should be cut short.
  5. Students must properly wear a clean repaired Gi at all times. (Jacket must be on unless specific training requires it to be off.)
  6. Students will tuck their shirt into their Gi pants.
  7. Students must not wear rings, dangly earrings or necklaces during class; wedding rings and stud earrings are allowed.
  8. Students must not chew gum or candy during class.
  9. Arrive early enough to get into you Gi and be ready when the class or event is called to order.
  10. During formal classes, no one will leave the workout area without the permission of the senior Black Belt.
  11. Respect all senior grades, and address Brown Belts as Mister, Miss, or Misses. Black Belts should be addressed by their rank or Sensei.
  12. Students must be quiet, obedient, and attentive to the instructors at all times. Students must not sit or lie on the floor or engage in idle chatter while in class.
  13. Students must always be helpful and courteous to lower ranks.
  14. All students share in the responsibility for keeping the class room safe and clean.
  15. Students must not practice any technique that has not been formally introduced to them by the instructor in charge or one appointed by him/her.
  16. Students must remember that the teachings are safe as long as one keeps in mind the dangers and harm that can come from these teachings if not controlled.
  17. Students may not engage in sparring without being under the direct supervision of a Black Belt.
  18. Students must refrain from casting views on other arts with which they are not familiar. All arts have the same basic aim within their teachings: to cultivate the individual’s mind, embody his/her mental culture, and above all, to perfect his/her character.
  19. No student should be made to feel as though they do not belong or are inferior to others. Any student who mocks or insults another will be removed from the class.
  20. Students must approach and correct others not abiding by the school rules. Anyone who violates these rules will be subject to disciplinary action as directed by the chief instructor.
  21. Any student using his/her skills outside the school irresponsibly will be expelled from the class.